Wednesday 16 January 2019
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business-standard - 2 month ago

The perils of social media

We have come across the harmful effects of social media umpteen number of times. A recent study has concluded that the use of social media increases depression and loneliness.The findings have been published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.The link between depression and loneliness has been talked about for years, but a causal connection had never been proven. For the first time, University of Pennsylvania research based on experimental data connects Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram use to decreased well-being.Few prior studies have attempted to show that social-media use harms users well-being, and those that have either put participants in unrealistic situations or were limited in scope, asking them to completely forego Facebook and relying on self-report data, for example, or conducting the work in a lab in as little time as an hour. We set out to do a much more comprehensive, rigorous study that was also more ecologically valid, said Psychologist Melissa G. ...

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