Monday 6 April 2020
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business-standard - 10 days ago

Diabetics need extra precautions against COVID-19: MoS Jitendra Singh

Union Minister Jitendra Singh, also a renowned endocrinologist, on Thursday said diabetics need to take extra precautions against coronavirus as they are relatively more vulnerable to infections and consequent complications due to their immunocompromised status. A teacher of medicine for over 30 years, he said infections lead to an even more vulnerable situation when a patient is suffering from diabetic complications in the kidneys or diabetic nephropathy or a consequent chronic kidney disease. The Union Minister of State in the Prime Minister s Office said like most other viruses, coronavirus has a self-limiting history of disease, with the only peculiarity that it is comparatively more virulent than most other droplet virus infections. Like in case of many other viral infections, a healthy individual with a good immunity status may be cured of COVID-19 without any complications with adequate rest and other measures, Singh said. However, complications including morbidity and ...

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