Monday 21 January 2019
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business-standard - 2 month ago

Pollution in cities damaging insects and ecosystems

High levels of pollution in many of the world s major cities are having negative effects on the plants and insects, according to a new UK-based research. The research titled Plant defences mediate interactions between herbivory and the direct foliar uptake of atmospheric reactive nitrogen done at the University of Sheffield in the UK was published in the journal Nature Communications . It revealed that plants exposed to high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) - similar to levels recorded in major urban centres - are able to better defend themselves against herbivorous insects. According to the research, NO2 significantly impacts plants and insects. Insects are crucial for food production and also ensure long-term survival of wild flowers, shrubs and trees. Plants exposed to increased levels of pollution produce more defensive chemicals in their leaves, said the research led by Dr Stuart Campbell from the University s Department of Animal and Plant Sciences. Results from the study ...

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