Monday 21 January 2019
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business-standard - 2 month ago

Yemen rebels battle to slow loyalist advance in key port city

Yemeni rebels battled Friday to slow an advance by pro-government forces deeper into Hodeida seeking to recapture the city s lifeline port, launching fierce barrages of mortar fire and aiming to cut off supply routes, military sources said. The Shiite Huthi rebels, whose chief has vowed his troops would never surrender despite being vastly outnumbered, shelled government positions in the south of the Red Sea city, loyalist officials said. But despite the intense attacks , loyalist forces made fresh advances in eastern sectors of Hodeida. The rebels, for their part, said their fighters had cut off government supply routes in four sectors of Hodeida province. On Thursday, after a week of intense battles on the outskirts of the city, loyalist troops entered residential neighbourhoods, using bulldozers to remove concrete road blocks installed by the rebels. Military sources said government forces and their coalition allies were edging towards the city s vital port through which nearly 80

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