Monday 25 March 2019
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mid-day - 10 days ago

World Sleep Day 2019: Twitteratis mark the day with hilarious memes

An uninterrupted, good night s sleep is bliss and it s absolutely essential to your physical and mental health. Although people may be divided with opinions regarding the celebration of special days like Valentines Day or Friendship Day, no one really has a problem celebrating World Sleep Day. After all who doesn t like to sleep for extra hours on a day dedicated to it? Every year, March 15 is celebrated as World Sleep Day and perhaps the best day of the year. However, the day, organised by the World Sleep Day Committee, is celebrated to raise awareness regarding the sleep-related issues. It s not just insomnia, there are various other issues that affect people s sleep and shouldn t be taken lightly However, the day is more than just a day dedicated to slumber. Twitterattis said it was a great day to remain in bed and enjoy some much-needed sleep. They even shared some jokes and memes to mark the day. In the internet world, a night of more than eight-hour sleep is priceless. Here are some of the sleep memes that are relatable beyond belief. Before they can be realised, dreams must be had first. To have dreams, sleep tight one must. Happy #WorldSleepDay Anuj Dhar (@anujdhar) March 15, 2019 Employee: Sir, I am not coming to office today.
Boss: why ??
Employee: I am celebrating today sir.
Boss: what ??
Employee: World Sleep Day, sir.
*Boss slams the phone and sends loss of pay notice*#worldsleepday2019 Corporate Karamchari (@JamesBhand007) March 15, 2019 Why do we need Men s Day When we have #WorldSleepDay 🥃 Dhaval Mehta (@dhavalmehtas) March 15, 2019 #WorldSleepDay

I need to let my daughter know about this, I ll tell her when she wakes up ... she is an Olympic sleeper Mr Eton Oldboys MP (@EtonOldBoys) March 15, 2019 Me looking at #WorldSleepDay trend while working. Stafford Fernandes (@StaffoAceFerns) March 15, 2019 These pups are all about #WorldSleepDay today 😴
[Photo description: Three of our young guide dog puppies asleep in a basket] Guide Dogs (@guidedogs) March 15, 2019 #WorldSleepDay Not arguing with that..... Gladstone (@TreasuryMog) March 15, 2019 Today is #WorldSleepDay
Me: Abhishek sharma (@ooobhaishab) March 15, 2019 💤 Shut-eye is one of the best things we can do for our health. But when it comes to advice on how to sleep well, it s hard to know what to believe. Here s some things you ve heard about sleep that aren t true #WorldSleepDay #Thread ABC Life (@abclifeau) March 14, 2019 Very few things in this world are perfect.#WorldSleepDay Tweet Potato (@newshungree) March 15, 2019 Happy #WorldSleepDay everyone!#sleepday samiksha (@saikris85696791) March 15, 2019 Today is #WorldSleepDay. Or as BMC calls it, Friday. Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) March 15, 2019 Happy #WorldSleepDay 😀🤣😂 Monika Sharma🐤 (@moni_tiwari) March 15, 2019 Sleeping or meditating.
It s hard to make the difference sometimes!#WorldSleepDay Geetika Swami (@SwamiGeetika) March 15, 2019 Catch up on all the latest Crime, National, International and Hatke news here. Also, download the new mid-day Android and iOS apps to get the latest updates

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