Monday 17 June 2019
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business-standard - 23 days ago

Modi reaches out to minorities

Elected NDA leader again to serve a second term, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday sought to reach out to minorities saying there will be no discrimination against anyone on the basis of caste, sect and religion and gave a new slogan of trust towards all .Addressing newly-elected members of Parliament belonging to BJP and other allies in the NDA in the Central Hall of Parliament after his election, he said his government would work for 130 crore people, including those who voted for the NDA and those who did not vote for his party and the coalition.In a 90-minute speech heard with rapt attention which encompassed the work during his first term and the goals for the next term, Modi said that his government would move forward on its attack against poverty.In an attempt to reach out to minorities, Modi said political parties in the past played deceit on minorities who were used for vote bank politics. They were kept in illusion, climate of fear and insecurity. They were misled by

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