Monday 21 January 2019
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business-standard - 10 days ago

US begins pulling gear from Syria, but not yet troops

The US military has begun moving non-essential gear out of Syria but is not withdrawing troops for now, defence officials said Friday as uncertainty grew over America s planned pullout from the battered nation. President Donald Trump last month claimed the Islamic State group had been defeated in Syria and said all US troops were coming back now. But in the weeks since he gave the order, and the Pentagon began to implement it, Trump himself and members of his administration have delivered mixed messages about when the withdrawal may actually occur. Trump s national security advisor John Bolton on Sunday announced conditions for a withdrawal that appeared to delay it indefinitely. Adding to the confusion, a military spokesman said Friday the US had already begun the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria. US defence officials quickly sought to clarify the remark, stressing that the withdrawal was only of certain types of gear, and not troops. We are not withdrawing troops

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