Wednesday 26 February 2020
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business-standard - 11 days ago

World more nationalistic today, says Jaishankar

Countries across the world, including the United States and China have become more nationalistic today and the phenomenon has resulted in a less multilateral world, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has said.Speaking during a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Friday, Jaishankar said that global economic rebalancing has led to a political rebalancing. What has led to weaker multilateralism? We have seen in the last 20 years an economic rebalancing in the world. It was a question of time before the economic rebalancing translated into political rebalancing... If there is going to be political rebalancing then we are going to be in a transition era, he said. There is no question the world is more nationalistic. The US, China and different countries in the world are more nationalistic. A lot of this nationalism has been electorally validated. There are countries where it is a positive assertive nationalism. In some cases, it is more insecure ...

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