Saturday 18 January 2020
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business-standard - 4 days ago

Hot gas feeds formation of material in spiral arms of Milky Way Galaxy

A research team from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy has recently gained insights about the origin of material present in the spiral arms of Milky Way Galaxy.New stars are eventually formed from the spiral arms of the galaxy.The study was published in the journal - The Astrophysical Journal Letters.The researchers proceeded by analysing the properties of the galactic magnetic field. After the process, the team found out that dilute warm ionised medium (WIM) condenses near a spiral arm of the Milky Way.During its cooling period, it serves as the supply of a colder material of dust and gas that further feeds the formation of a star.Milky Way is a disc-shaped sea of stars in which the youngest and brightest stars cluster in the spiral arms. These stars form from the dense interstellar medium (ISM) which consists of dust and gas. It is necessary that such material is flushed into the spiral arms constantly for the formation of new stars and to replenish the supply of dust and ...

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