Sunday 8 December 2019
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business-standard - 5 days ago

I m an actor, not a teacher: Akshay on artistes responsibility in films

Akshay Kumar on Tuesday said films don t perpetuate negativity in society and as an actor his responsibility is limited to the role he is performing. The treatment of women in pop culture came under scanner again after a young woman veterinarian in Hyderabad was raped and murdered. Many were quick to point how Bollywood has normalised stalking, lack of consent and general ill-treatment of women on screen. When asked about this, Akshay said in a group interview, A film should be taken as a film. You come there, enjoy, pay for ticket and don t take it so seriously. We show no smoking but have people stopped smoking? Everybody is doing their job, I m trying to do mine. We are all making a film. The actor said a film s trailer gives the audience enough idea if they d be comfortable watching the movie. Yes, obviously there s a person playing a negative character, sometimes I play that, but that doesn t mean I m trying to teach you negative. I m just playing a character. I m an actor, .

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