Saturday 14 December 2019
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mid-day - 27 days ago

Class at the cemetery

A university in the Netherlands has come up with a unique way for students to contemplate life and death. Lie in a grave. Radboud University in the Dutch city of Nijmegen has a grave located behind the school s chapel and students can book sessions to lie it in and meditate. The idea behind getting students to sign up for the experience, it to help them reflect about life and what is important. A modern form of memento mori, which means that you are aware that you are mortal, the University website shared. It s an invitation along the lines of: make something out of your life. Telephones and books are prohibited. A pillow and mat are provided to students, who reportedly can use the grave for between 30 minutes and three hours. The university had earlier carried out a similar project from 2009 to 2011. The project was started by school chaplain John Hacking. The end of life and death, is a difficult for students to talk about. Especially when you are 18, 19 and 20 years old, he told news outlet Ruptly.
A pillow and mat are provided to students, who reportedly can use the grave for between 30 minutes and three hours Vice reported in October that the first phase only drew 39 people in the two years it was operational. The response this time around, however, has been more encouraging with a few people using it every week. So far, 15 students have used it. 15
No. of students who have enrolled for the therapy Out of left field Weigh more, drink more A bar in Dubai is hosting a promotion, offering women free drinks based on how much they weigh. But weighing less, doesn t mean more.Fusion Club at the Cassells Al Barsha Hotel says the higher the number on the scale, the more free drinks you get. It s viral Is this the greatest ice cream heist ever? A video of an ice cream thief stealing a cone out of an unsuspecting victim s hand has gone viral. The video, captured during a live broadcast of an ice hockey match, shows a man lifting an ice cream cone from another man s hand, as he is distracted on his phone. Wild and high! Tuscany s boars snort coke stash hidden in forest A group of drug dealers have lost cocaine stash worth 17,000 (Rs 15 lakh), after it was destroyed by a group of wild boars. They are believed to have buried the drugs in a forest in Tuscany to prevent it from being found by police. However, wild boars dug up the packages that were found scattered around the woods. Police knew about the drug-taking hogs after tapping a conversation between two alleged dealers. They arrested three Albanians and an Italian. The drug dealers are not the only people concerned about the number of wild boars in Italy. Farmers are unhappy with the damage they are causing to land, while drivers have reported an increase in accidents on the roads of Italy. Social media howler Furry unicorn has tail growing on his head A puppy in the care of a Missouri non-profit is melting hearts on social media after videos posted online showed the extra tail he has growing out of his face, making him a furry unicorn. Mac s Mission, a dog rescue non-profit, said the puppy was dubbed Narwhal, the Little Magical Furry Unicorn after being found living on the streets with frostbite. The 10-week-old puppy had a growth on his forehead described as an extra tail growing in the wrong spot. Briefs Hotella Nutella to offer nutty experience The makers of sandwich spread Nutella announced a contest to win a two-night stay at a pop-up hotel themed around the hazelnut treat. Hotella Nutella will operate for only a single weekend in January, in Napa Valley, California. Pigeon on flight delays take-off by 20 minutes A flight taking off from a Moscow airport was delayed for 20 minutes while the plane s crew chased down a pigeon in the passenger compartment. The pigeon was ejected and the flight departed for Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Woman caught with a fake belly full of drugs A woman posing as pregnant in Argentina was allegedly busted with 4 kg of marijuana stashed in a fake baby bump. The unnamed woman was crossing the country s border into Chile by bus when they were stopped her at a checkpoint. She was later arrested. Pic of the day House of containers A designer from Houston, Will Breaux, has stacked 11 metal shipping containers on top of each other to build his dream three-story house. The designer claims that his abode is structurally sound, resistant to fire or hurricanes and has a foundation that would be nearly impossible to move . Pic/BionicWeapon Catch up on all the latest Crime, National, International and Hatke news here. Also, download the new mid-day Android and iOS apps to get latest updates

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