Wednesday 20 November 2019
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business-standard - 11 days ago

Deep sleep can rewire stress and anxiety: Study

In William Shakespeare s masterpiece Macbeth , he had it right when he referred to sleep as the balm of hurt minds . While a full night of slumber stabilizes emotions, a sleepless night can trigger up to 30 per cent rise in anxiety levels, a new study suggests.UC Berkeley researchers have found that the type of sleep most apt to calm and reset the anxious brain is deep sleep, also known as non-rapid eye movement (NREM) slow-wave sleep, a state in which neural oscillations become highly synchronized, and heart rates and blood pressure drop. The results of the study were published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, 2019. We have identified a new function of a deep sleep, one that decreases anxiety overnight by reorganizing connections in the brain, said study senior author Matthew Walker, a UC Berkeley professor of neuroscience and psychology. Deep sleep seems to be a natural anxiolytic (anxiety inhibitor), so long as we get it each and every night, he added. Our study strongly

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