Friday 19 April 2019
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business-standard - 25 days ago

Online voting technology of Right2Vote is now certified by Government of India

The world s biggest democracy - India is going to polls in few days and lack of an online voting option is frustrating for a lot of citizens. The 20 million plus NRI community, which has been fighting for their right to vote in Supreme Court, for more than 10 years now will not be able to participate in the elections.Another 300 million, around 1/3rd of registered voters, would not be able to vote as citizens migrate from one part of the country to another for various reason including studies, job, marriage etc. As per Lost votes campaign of Times of India, 90% of the voters who did not vote in 2014 actually couldn t due to lack of remote voting option.Online voting is mandatory under certain lawsTechnology is not a limitation. The government of India itself has certified Right2Vote s online voting platform for security, functionality and quality. The government of India itself made it compulsory under The New Companies Act 2013 for all listed companies to provide e-Voting facility to

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