Monday 23 September 2019
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business-standard - 12 days ago

AC coach of Mumbai-Jaipur Express catches fire in yard

An AC coach of Jaipur Superfast Express caught fire in the maintenance yard at Mumbai Central on Wednesday evening when it was preparing to leave for the platform. However, there were no injuries as the coach was empty. Smoke and fire were noticed in the air-conditioned B-3 coach of 12955 Jaipur Express in the maintenance yard at Mumbai Central at 6.03 pm. Fire brigade was called immediately and it was extinguished, a railway spokesperson said. The cause of fire will be known after investigation. The incident forced the railway authorities to reschedule the departure timing of the train, which was supposed to leave at 6:50 PM, a railway official said, adding that the train got delayed by over two hours. He said a senior administrative grade level inquiry, comprising four officials from safety, security, mechanical and electrical departments, will be conducted into the incident.

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